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How To Choose The Best Chinese Restaurant For A Romantic Dinner

There are people who love Chinese food so much that they would choose to have their romantic dinners in a Chinese restaurant. While some might find this preference quite strange, you shouldn’t be ashamed if you also like this idea. All you need to do is make sure you find a place that suits your romantic purposes, and you’ll be just fine. 

Chinese or not, your romantic restaurant should have the right decor and ambiance that entice guests to think about love and romance. Candles and dim lighting are more than welcome, as well as good music playing in the background. Avoid noisy places, as they make conversations very difficult. You won’t be able to whisper in her ear all those sweet words you’re thinking about, if everybody shouts around you and the loud music covers them all. 

The food choice at any Chinese restaurant is also important, so once you’ve found a few romantic restaurants, you should go ahead and check their menus. You might want to eat there once or twice before inviting your date. This would also enable you see how the foods are presented and how polite the waiters are. Don’t forget to check out the drinks menu.  If your date is into fine wines, she’s not going to appreciate a restaurant with 100 types of beer and only one type of wine.

Chinese cuisine is nothing short of amazing, but not all their foods appeal to people outside Asia. Anyway, a good Chinese restaurant that has been inspected should be able to offer you a wide choice of dishes for all tastes and culinary preferences. If you are a vegetarian, you should be able to choose meat-less dishes. If you can’t eat gluten, you should find at least a few gluten-free options. All these considerations are far from being romantic, but their absence can easily spoil your romantic dinner. This is why preparation should be your best friend in dating and romance, as well as in many other areas of your life.

Whether you love Chao Fan or other traditional Chinese dishes, make sure you ask the waiters to serve your foods on a turntable or a rotating tray. This is the perfect opportunity for you to invite your date to taste all wonderful things on the tray. You can turn it towards her, slowly, with great care, watching her with your loving eyes while she takes the best pieces and eats them. She’s going to appreciate this a lot, as most women want to see that you care for them. They need to feel protected and pampered, so this is one of your best chances to show her you care, without being pathetic or funny. 

By doing what it takes to pick the best restaurant for your romantic dinner, you have great chances to impress your date and make her want to see you again. Nonetheless, you should make sure the doesn’t hate Chinese food before inviting her on a date in such a place.

Trying to Learn Plumbing For Myself

So, earlier this week I had a pipe burst much to my dismay. Hoping to save some money, I thought I’d try to make the plumbing repairs myself. Unfortunately, that just made the problem even worse. I quickly went to Google searching for any plumbing company that could help me in the 72901 area and low and I found a company that was able to quickly come out and fix my burst pipe.

What sucked was that trying to make those repairs myself only ended up hurting me. I made the issue that much worse (which cost me a pretty penny). The plumbing company took it a little easier on me considering the last minute situation, but it still wasn’t cheap.

Just goes to show that sometimes, you just have to humble yourself and let someone else take care of your problem. You might end up making it worse.

Make More Mistakes As a Result of Being Watched


The inferior parietal cortex labeled above.

Do you ever feel like you mess up more frequently whenever you have someone watching you do something? There’s a reason for that. Scientists have found that the sense of being watched actually affects a part of the brain known as the inferior parietal cortex. With women having the constant feeling of being watched by others around us, judging us, it makes you wonder how many women have made a mistake because we have the feeling someone is watching us.