Welcome to my site. Here you’ll find all my thoughts on the important, the not so important and anything else that might pop into my head.

Why You’re Here

If you’ve come to my website, I thank you and I welcome you to my haven of thoughts and ideas. Sheraton-Telaviv is a site where I can express my thoughts on whatever might be happening in the world. From important subjects like politics and the state of the world, to movies and subjects in the media, I go over whatever might be going through my head.

Who I Am

My name is Sharon T. Welke, and I’m a 30-something year old woman who loves to express her ideas. If you’d like to know more about me, then check out my Who I Am page to find out more!

Recent Posts

Trying to Learn Plumbing For Myself

So, earlier this week I had a pipe burst much to my dismay. Hoping to save some money, I thought I’d try to make the plumbing repairs myself. Unfortunately, that just made the problem even worse. I quickly went to Google searching for any plumbing company that could help me in the 72901 area and low and I found a company that was able to quickly come out and fix my burst pipe.

What sucked was that trying to make those repairs myself only ended up hurting me. I made the issue that much worse (which cost me a pretty penny). The plumbing company took it a little easier on me considering the last minute situation, but it still wasn’t cheap.

Just goes to show that sometimes, you just have to humble yourself and let someone else take care of your problem. You might end up making it worse.

Make More Mistakes As a Result of Being Watched


The inferior parietal cortex labeled above.

Do you ever feel like you mess up more frequently whenever you have someone watching you do something? There’s a reason for that. Scientists have found that the sense of being watched actually affects a part of the brain known as the inferior parietal cortex. With women having the constant feeling of being watched by others around us, judging us, it makes you wonder how many women have made a mistake because we have the feeling someone is watching us.


I had this epiphany today that others seeing me as a ‘pretentious person’ doesn’t bother me anymore. A long time ago that really used to get to me, but now I’d rather be known as someone who is brutally honest rather than someone who’s too fearful to speak their mind. When I was a teenager that fear used to consume me, but I haven’t worried about it in years.

I had this revelation when I was in college, probably about my late freshman to early sophomore year that I’d rather be an earnest individual, and disregard the fear that once plagued me. Once I did that, I stopped worrying about what others might say about me and decided to watch, read, and engage in what interested and appealed to me.

Worrying about petty things like being seen as pretentious is pretty foolish looking back on it. If you try to tailor yourself to what you think others what to see out of you, then your identity will be lost. There’s no point in fearing what others will think, do what you feel is right. Be who you want to be.